Become A Mentor

Saratoga Sponsor-A-Scholar mentors are supportive adults who serve as role models, friends and guides to our college-bound high school students. Mentors can make a dramatic difference in the achievements of our students by helping them apply to college, giving them advice on career choices and offering the support a young person may lack.

SSAS mentors are required to go through a state-certified background check and interview.

Mentoring is a serious time commitment, but mentors have great flexibility in order to accommodate their schedules. SSAS students and their mentors are expected to meet at least once a month and stay in touch more frequently through texts, phone calls and emails. Mentors and students may go on outings to movies, museums or sporting events or attend SSAS program activities, school events, and college visits.

Students and mentors should expect to be together for four years, from the student's tenth grade year through at least the first year of college.  Mentors are a critical part of the SSAS support process during these formative years.

Mentors can participate in our program as individuals and couples or as organizations who wish to mentor one or more students as a group.

If you are interested in becoming a mentor, please click on the link below or contact Mary Gavin


Mentoring Manual

Mentoring Application