Our Sponsors

We are blessed to live in an extraordinarily generous community that supports so many worthy causes. Saratoga Sponsor A Scholar is proud that we have garnered the community's trust and are one of the organizations that they support so enthusiastically. Your support for us has matched our success and we all will benefit from what we believe is the best investment in Saratoga Springs...great young minds given a chance to flourish.

We are particularly grateful to our original sponsoring donors who took a chance on our dream when it was just a concept and to our partners.

Our Program Partners

Skidmore College
Saratoga Springs City School District
Our On-Site Academic Program Coordinators Brandy Crary and Matt Nelson
Our Board Members, Tutors and Mentors

Individual Scholar Sponsors: $10,000 Over 5 Years

Jerry & Sherry Abbruzzese • Sonny & Julie Bonacio • Tom & Kristie Roohan
David & Kathy Perry • Jim LaVigne & Mary Gavin • Jerry & Marcia McDonald
Elliot & Kathy Masie • Nan Guslander • Denise Polit & Alan Janosy • Susan Bokan
John & Terri Snow • Lew & Pat Titterton • Scott & Julie Johnson • Mark Morris & Theresa Barton
EPS Foundation • Tom & Mary Quandt • The Hawley Foundation • The Nordlys Foundation
Walter & Margaret Reidy • Paul & Dolores Nelson- M&T Bank • Matt & Robin Dalton

Other Major Donors

The Swyer Family Foundation • Ron, Vince, Michelle & Patty Riggi
River Farm America Foundation • D.A. Collins Companies • ESMI Companies
Saratoga Eagle Sales & Service • Gary & Nancy DiCresce • Skidmore College
Prime Construction Saratoga • Price Chopper's Golub Foundation
Stewarts Shops & the Dake Family • The Adirondack Trust Company
Mr. Joseph Handler M.D. & Ms. Joan de Pontet in Memory of Thomas Glade

Look at the following year end ads from 2010-2018 thanking our sponsors for their contributions each year and see how our support has grown.

2019 Sponsors Thank You

2018 Sponsors Thank You

2017 Sponsors Thank You

2016 Sponsors Thank You

2015 Sponsors Thank You

2014 Sponsors Thank You

2013 Sponsors Thank You

2012 Sponsors Thank You

2011 Sponsors Thank You

2010 Sponsors Thank You